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Hudson Produce Corporation was founded on the concept of offering our clients with the most accurate information about the market prices, quality and availability of produce for our client's needs. Through our long term established relations with well know and dependable growers, packers, and shippers of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout The United States, Canada, and Mexico. We provide consistent supply of seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables with the most competitive prices available year round.

We at Hudson Produce also believe in the significance of customer service. We always remember that "you are always judged by your performance and integrity, and not on what you say", the secret of good service.

There is also no secret that our produce clients, regardless of their size, or type of business, whether they are Domestic and International Produce Wholesalers, Produce Processors, Supermarkets, Hotels, and Catering houses have come back to us over and over again without hesitation. We have always provided them with fresh fruits and vegetables that exceed their expectations. That is why our clients always tell us that we outshine our competitor's customer service.

Contact us and let us assist you in your next purchase of fresh produce.

Fresh Washington Apple For Export Fresh California Navel Bins for Export California Lemon Bins Washington Red Delicious and Granny Smith Apple Washington Granny Smith Apple Washington Fuji Apple We can arrange for refrigerated transportation Export services for Washington Apples, Pears and California Oranges and Lemons

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We are serving the Tri-State areas of New York (Long Island, Westchester, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan and Queens), New Jersey and Conneticut. You can pickup or we can arrange transportation. Please call for volume discount pallet price.
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Fresh Produce, Fruits and Vegetables Wholesale, Distribution and Export

About Hudson Produce’s wholesale fresh produce services

Hudson Produce Corporation is a Southern California; Los Angeles based wholesaler and exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables with warehouses in New Jersey and New York. We specialize in Washington Apple, Washington Pear, California Orange, California Lemon and California Vegetables. We also have access to all Potato and Onion varities from Washington, Oregon and Idaho as well. We ship fresh fruits and vegetables nationwide, and export fresh Washington Apples and Pears to other countries around the world. Hudson Produce serves small to large size produce wholesalers, produce exporters, produce importers and supermarkets as our core market clients. We offer the most competitive prices on fresh fruits and vegetables.

Washington apple varieties available for doemstic nationwide shipment or export are: Washington Red Delicious apples, Washington Gala apples, Washington Granny Smith apples, Washington Fuji apples, Washington Golden Delicious apples, Washington Honey Crisp apples. Washington Pear varieties available for shipment or export are: Washington Bartlett Pear, Washington Bosc Pear, Washington Golden Russet Pear and Washington D'Anjou Pears. California varieties available for shipment or export are: Navel Oranges, Mineola Oranges, Valencia Oranges and California Lemons.

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